Honors Chemistry with Labs

Honors Chemistry with Labs


Instructor: Ms. Seray

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REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN - Classes start Sept 2, 2019 and end May 1, 2020.

No classes:

·      Thanksgiving Break: November 25 - December 1, 2019

·      Winter Break: December 16, 2019 - January 19, 2020

·      Spring Break: March 9 - 15, 2020


This course is designed for students who exhibit an enthusiasm for chemistry. The principles covered in the course enable students to think more critically about current issues related to science and technology. Students will participate in labs and be challenged to partake in a deeper exploration of the physical and chemical properties of matter at an atomic level, to analyze and predict chemical reactions, and to gain an understanding of the scientific laws that govern our everyday lives. Specific topics covered are as follows: the classification and structure of matter, ratio and proportion of chemical reactions, acid-base chemistry, kinetics, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry.

This course requires a study commitment, outside of instruction time, of approximately 5 hours per week.

Lab Component

A lab kit will need to be purchased separately to satisfy the lab requirements of this course.

The lab kit (which includes a lab manual) can be purchased directly from our vendor by clicking here.


  • Understand the classification and structure of matter

  • Use the periodic table as a tool to explain and predict the properties of elements

  • Understand the ratio and proportion of chemical reactions

  • Balance chemical equations in accordance with the Law of Conservation of Mass

  • Identify and balance redox equations

  • Relate the unit of a mole to the mass and volume of an element or a compound

  • Observe the changes in temperature, pressure, and volume of gasses

  • Describe how atoms and molecules can gain or lose energy only in discrete amounts

  • Learn the historical development of scientific theories and ideas in Chemistry

  • Understand and demonstrate the process of scientific thinking

  • Complete and submit lab reports

  • Complete weekly pre-recorded lectures

  • Participate in interactive online student forums

  • Deliver assessments and/or assignments in a timely manner


  • This course is recommended for students 13 years of age or above.

  • Students should have taken or should concurrently be taking Algebra II.


  1. Flowers, P., Theopold, K., et al. Chemistry. 1st edition. Openstax.

    [This free online textbook can be downloaded by clicking here.]

  2. Binder with loose leaf paper, pen/pencil, and eraser

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