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Ownership, Responsibility, Curiosity, Appreciation, Hard Work

Cultivating the Well-Rounded College-Bound Homeschooler

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We are not your average online course provider.


Founded and led by two highly qualified academics experienced in homeshooling education, Dr. Nilay and Ms. Seray are committed to nurturing well-rounded, independent learners - individuals who become competitive candidates for matriculation into institutions of higher education. Together they have developed secular courses that foster Worldly Pupil’s core values: Ownership, responsibility, curiosity, appreciation and hard work.

Worldly Pupil’s teacher-led online courses closely parallel the expectations and delivery methods seen in colleges today. Student learning takes place on various levels including engagement in interactive, online classroom forums, completion of pre-recorded, online lectures, assignments and assessments. Above all else, students have access to expert teachers who are engaged in their students’ progress and who support their growth and development.

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Features of Our Online, Learning Environment

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Lively Forums with Classmates and Teachers

Ask questions on classwork and engage in immersive discussions with fellow classmates and teachers.

Flexible, yet structured weekly learning schedule

Assigned weekly coursework, and graded tasks, can be completed on your own schedule within the designated week.

Teacher-Led Classes

Inspiring, expert instructors guide and monitor your weekly progress and always welcome questions.


Our Partner Schools

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