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Ownership, Responsibility, Curiosity, Appreciation, Hard Work

Our Educators

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Dr. Nilay  

Dr. Nilay graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology, prior to obtaining her degree as a physician from the prestigious Sydney University School of Medicine. She completed her residency training at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia and specialized in General Practice thereafter. Her experience achieving success in an academic environment, and working in a variety of clinical settings, brings unusual academic depth and perspective to her teaching.

Over the past two decades Dr. Nilay has been involved in various forms of education. She has shared her knowledge with a wide audience: middle schoolers, high schoolers, homeschoolers, healthcare colleagues, allied health professionals, business professionals and patients. Her success derives from a recognition that her role is beyond being a content provider: It is to continue being a student. She has been quoted as saying, “Learning is my passion; Teaching is my duty.”


Learning is my passion; Teaching is my duty
— Dr. Nilay

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Ms. Seray

Ms. Seray received her formal education from the Manhattan School of Music and graduated from the Charles Sturt University Faculty of Pharmacy, with Distinction. She is an accomplished musician and pharmacist whose wealth of knowledge and experience affords the incorporation of a contextual backdrop for her courses, and becomes a necessary component in her interactions with novice learners.

Ms. Seray has worked and performed in a variety of settings where group exchange is paramount. From practicing in community and hospital pharmacy through to participating in international orchestra competitions and theatrical performances, she recognizes that working in groups facilitates the learning process: It fosters meaningful interactions, aids in retention of knowledge and provides a medium for practical application.

When not working at Worldly Pupil, you can find Ms. Seray leading various community programs and playing her fiddle.