Enrollment Policy

  • We do not charge a registration fee.

  • Enrollment for a long course is open up to 14 days after the start of the course.

  • Enrollment for a short course or an AP course closes the day before the course start date.

Refund Policy* 

  • We charge a $50 fee for all refunds. This is to cover banking, and administrative costs.

  • A full refund (less a $50 fee) will be issued for a course before the course start date.

  • A 75% refund (less a $50 fee) will be issued for a course up to 14 days after the course start date.

  • No refunds will be issued after 14 days of the course start date.

  • No refunds will be issued for students removed from a course due to lack of compliance with our policies.

  • Refunds will be provided ONLY after a written withdrawal request is sent to: general@worldlypupil.com

* Due to alternate enrollment processes, this refund policy does not apply to Charter School families.

Plagiarism Policy

  • We consider plagiarism a form of academic dishonesty and a serious offense. Our plagiarism policy is discussed with every student at the beginning of each course. Depending on circumstances, consequences for plagiarism can range from failing an assignment to being removed from the course.

Grading Policy

  • Grades will only be provided to students who complete all course requirements. Students with incomplete course requirements cannot be provided a grade.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

  • No information we obtain through enrollment will be utilized for any purpose without the permission of the individual/s involved. 


  • Unless specifically stated herein, or specifically stated on the materials, no copyrighted material or other Worldly Pupil content may be performed, distributed, downloaded, uploaded, modified, reused, reproduced, reposted, retransmitted, disseminated, sold, published, broadcast or circulated or otherwise used in any manner whatsoever without express written permission from Worldly Pupil or the copyright owner. Any modification of the content, or any portion thereof, or use of the content for any other purpose constitutes an infringement of Worldly Pupil’s copyrights and other proprietary rights.